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Twinkle Toes Academy Dancers

Our exciting new program, Twinkle Toes Academy The Princess Series, is a dance program with princess perks! Every week students experience the magic of dance through princess themed classes. Today, princesses are recognized for their strengths rather than just their beauty. Each Disney princess has her own unique strength and lesson to teach to young girls. Now, it is more important than ever to have wholesome and strong female role models. This is something we have been passionate about for over 35 years and we are so happy to find this resonating within our community.

What is the Princess Series?

Our Mission

 At Twinkle Toes Academy, tiny toes are our specialty.

Twinkle Toes Academy Instructor, Michi Barber
Twinkle Toes Academy Dancers Dancing Swan Lake

At The Dance Centre, our mission is nurturing young minds to be the best they can be. With a thirst for learning and a passion to share with children of all ages, we have influenced the lives of thousands of children for over thirty-five years.

We train healthy, happy children; we believe in letting little girls be little girls.

Your child will receive exciting lessons packed with fun, and powerful messages that reinforce your core values. We use only developmentally and age appropriate movement, music and costuming along with top quality dance technique and personal care in a warm, inclusive family environment.

You can trust that this academy will be a memory that you and your child will cherish forever.


"As a professional in the early childhood education field, I know it takes creativity, care, and a lot of patience to work with young children. These characteristics and more I have found in the staff at The Dance Centre. I would highly recommend The Dance Centre to any child, their talent and care is outstanding!" - Michelle

"We Love The Dance Centre! The new Twinkle Toes Academy is so inspiring for Little girl's! Sophie loves coming to Dance every week!" 

- Jennifer Richardson

"We see our children explode with excitement every time they dance! They love their teachers, adore their classmates and look forward to each time they get to slip on a pair of dance shoes! At “The Dance Centre,” our children learn values including hard work, commitment, kindness, teamwork and enthusiasm for each day and discover an environment where they will be encouraged, loved and challenged to grow in who they are as well as who they want to become!"

- Steve & Amy Young


Our Classes

Twinkle Tots

age 2-3-1/2

Twinkle Winks

age 3-4-1/2

Twinkle Sprites

age 4-5-1/2

Twinkle Sparks

Twinkle Stars

age - Kindergarten

age - 1st grade

Twinkle Gems

age - 2nd grade

Preschool Age Dance Classes

Delightfully designed classes inspire creativity and self-expression, advance pre-school cognitive skills, social skills and help develop gross / fine motor coordination. Dance and music concepts are presented in a unique format, exploring movement quality, levels and rhythms. The use of costumes and props promote the child’s attention and participation. Students should bring a doll or stuffed animal, and parents should accompany their child to class until the child feels comfortable without the parent.

Primary School Age Dance Classes

The skills developed in these combo classes of ballet, tap and jazz are the foundation for all styles and levels of dance.  The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus is used to insure age-appropriate steps are taught at the proper level. Each dancer is given caring and thoughtful instruction with the goal of instilling a love for dance and encouraging self-esteem and self- discipline, preparing students physically, intellectually and emotionally. Classical terminology and correct technique are emphasized at our school.

Contact us

Contact Us

The Dance Centre's Twinkle Toes Academy

3163 N. Woodford St. Decatur, Il

Receptionist Hours:

Monday-Thursday 5:45-7:15pm

Friday 5:00-6:30pm

Saturday 9:30-11:00am

Closed Sundays

Princesses Dancing at The Dance Centre's Fairytale Festival
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